If you want to flirt, make friends and meet the people close to you, you just have to leave the house and be aware of your Smartphone. Dating has never been easier!

MiuMeet is used to meet, chat and meet new people. Will you find the person of your life here? Or will it be a one night stand?

It is the perfect tool to meet people easily. You talk a bit, you see the mutual profiles and if you agree, you go to see each other in real life. Millions of singles around the world have downloaded this app!

The application uses GPS to show single people who are close to you. It also offers a daily love horoscope. And of course you can filter people by age, interests, places and tags. The application is used to flirt with both heterosexuals and gays and lesbians.

If what you were looking for was a little push to find your better half, with the POF app you have it very easy. Its acronym comes from Plenty Of Fish, which is equivalent to “many fish” … in the sea of ​​dating.

Get ready for fishing and meet people to get to know them more thoroughly. Thanks to the compatibility algorithm of the dating app, you will find people more like you and you will avoid more than one upset. The app allows you to send all the messages you want (unlimited) to whoever you want for free.

If you are looking for a more international dating app, download OkCupid Dating. Unlike most apps, it is not free but it does have many people who participate in it (with which, more chances of meeting someone).

The app will help you find compatible people around you and see their photos and profile so that you can decide if you like it or if you pass at all. If you slide to the right, it means that Yes, if you slide to the left, you dismiss the possibility of starting a conversation. Oh, and the number of free messages you can exchange is unlimited.

You can change your username whenever you want, find out if they have read the messages or discover who has liked your profile. Very complete, do you dare?

The Ashley Madison scandal has not harmed this application but, on the contrary, it has launched it to fame and made it public domain. This dating app is aimed at married people, both men and women, who are looking for an adventure parallel to their marriage.

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