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Nov 11, 2009


Myrochat Phase Beta
Jun 22, 2008

Myrochat Dating is in phase beta…


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In each other’s arms this Christmas!


Met Pietro on here a year ago (he has put his success story on too). He kept asking for a…
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27, lekki, Nigeria
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It was going so well…what happened??
Feb 24, 2010
There seems to be a new phenomenon of late whereby a first date seems to go extremely well and may…more
10 Ways to Be Romantic
Jun 24, 2008
When we have been in relationships for a while the romance seems to dwindle and both parties in the relationship…more
Dating Online? Watch that Ad!
Jun 26, 2005
New to Online Dating? Trying to find the man or woman of your dreams through the Virtual World? You need…more
Being in love online – A Practical Guide
Jun 26, 2005
More and more people these days are finding love online be it due to time constraints, unsociable working hours or…more
How to kiss
Jun 25, 2005

A lot of people are still virgins when it comes to kissing. A lot of people can kiss but don’t…

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